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Water Damage 101

“I don’t need water damage coverage.” This is one of the many things we hear from customers when working with them on their home insurance or farm and ranch coverage.

Why Do I Need Water Damage Coverage?

February 2021 is a time that most people in Texas (and many other states) won't soon forget. Sub-freezing temperatures and widespread power outages lasting for several days took a serious toll on thousands of homes and businesses.

Frozen pipes were one of the main issues during this storm, particularly as those pipes began to thaw and burst, causing the home or building to flood. Hundreds of homes ended up with standing water several inches deep, resulting in ruined floors, walls, furniture, and appliances. Many of these home and business owners didn't have water damage coverage.

Thankfully, storms like this one don't happen often in Texas and other locations that aren't prepared for them. But water damage to your home or business can result from everyday situations - for example, suppose the drain pan on your a/c unit collapses. What if your washing machine or dishwasher overflows? Ever had kids leave the water running in the bathtub? And sometimes pipes that aren't frozen break.

The standard homeowner policy doesn't cover water damage unless this coverage is specifically added. Likewise, on a farm and ranch policy, you must have a broad or special form policy, as a basic farm and ranch policy does not cover water damage.

Call Us With Your Questions

When people think of “water damage” they usually think we're talking about flood damage. But water damage and flood insurance are two separate and distinct coverages.

We are happy to go through your current policy to see what coverages you may need. We quote through many different companies, so rest assured, we can definitely meet your individual needs.


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