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Make Horse Sale Time Easier with Pre-Approved "Fall of the Hammer" Coverage 

REO Insurance Agency can set you up with pre-approved coverage for any horse sale you are going to! Bid confidently, knowing that any horse you purchase will be covered from the moment that hammer falls.

Pre-Purchase Peace of Mind

Contact us prior to the sale and let us know your sale budget, and we'll get you pre-approved for that amount.

Think of this as your pre-purchase protection exam! With this coverage, you take possession of your new horse with peace of mind, knowing that you're already covered. No hurried phone calls, no need to race to the insurance booth beside the sale ring and stand in line. It's already done!

Spend More Time With Your New Horse

Spend more time looking at horses and visiting with friends and fellow horse owners on sale day. More importantly, spend quality time with your new 4-legged partner! Stand in the photo line, not the insurance line! REO Insurance Agency and Fall of the Hammer coverage gives you that freedom to enjoy the very first step of horse ownership!


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