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Mother and Daughter in Farm

Farm & Ranch Coverages

Complete coverage for where you live, play, and work

Let REO Insurance Agency customize your farm policy

to handle your individual needs!

As an independent agency, we work with multiple companies
to quote you and your property with. 

We have a market no matter if you are looking to insure your primary residence on a farm/ranch, weekend getaway ranchette, training facility, breeding operation, etc.  Each company has specific target markets, enabling us to match our customers to specific companies for the best rates and coverages. 


We can add coverage for homes, barns, arenas and your personal property, and also for tack, saddles, tools, machinery and so on.

There are multiple sections of the farm policy that allow us to mix and match coverage options so that you have coverage in the way that fits you best
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Coverage for any dwellings, materials and supplies to repair or alter, and building equipment, fixtures, and outdoor equipment.

Private Structures

Includes coverage for private structures used in conjunction with a dwelling.

Personal Property

Available for personal property and effects you own, property in a storage facility, and property while traveling or staying at a secondary residence.

Loss of Use

For covered losses for additional living expenses, fair rental value, and loss and expense due to emergency prohibition against occupancy.

Farm Outbuildings and Structures

Structures used in the farming operation, which include permanently attached equipment and mechanicals. Versatile coverage for all different types of structures such as barns, arenas, corrals, pens, chutes, etc.

Blanket Farm Personal Property

Ability to cover all your farm equipment, animals, grain, hay, tools, tack, supplies, and materials in one lump sum.

Scheduled Farm Personal Property

Ability to schedule only the farm personal property you desire to insure or those items ineligible under Cov. E. Specifically lists each item on the policy, generally items valued over $2,500.

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